Hello Fall: by Kassandra Hoke

Fall, the season for leaves changing, bonfires and of course pumpkin spice! I love the weather and everything about this time of year. Going to festivals, costume shopping, and pumpkin picking. I can’t say I have a favorite, but I do have a special someone I like to share these moments with. He has four legs and his name is Boston. We love spending time together and making new memories. Each year we carve pumpkins, eat treats and dress up for costume contests and trick or treating. 

Today we started on the fall festivities! First, costume shopping! Man there were so many options. I think Boston was overwhelmed. Heck, I couldn’t decide. I think I was standing in this aisle for a good thirty minutes till I made a decision. 

We then made are way over to the treats. Of course Boston’s nose didn’t disappoint. He sniffed every inch of the treat stand and before you knew it he was standing up trying to help himself. Luckily I was supervising or my bill would of been outrageous! 

Before we left, there was one more thing to do. His sisters birthday present! After much thought, he picked out the perfect toy. I think he wanted to play with it himself, but I explained that his birthday is next month and then he too will get a special present. 

Once all our shopping was done, we went to our favorite coffee shop; Starbucks! I placed my order and got Boston’s his puppuccino. We parked the car, sat down and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Whipped cream covered his nose and within minutes the cup was empty. 

These are the moments I love. I enjoy each day with him and I’m so glad I get to be his human. Next week will be pumpkin picking and before you know it, in our costumes! For now it’s a surprise, but don’t worry will share very soon.

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