Dog Park Essentials

One of Helix’s favorite places to go is the dog park. The moment I grab his collar, he runs straight to his toy basket and grabs his most prized possession….his tennis ball. Years of going to the park with Helix have taught me to go prepared.

Some essential items I bring to the dog park with us are:

1.     Dog bowl with water bottle. 

In Florida we experience two seasons, spring and summer, which means warm temperatures all year around. I have a collapsible dog bowl that I just clip onto my purse. It’s also very convenient for traveling. I also like taking a 40 ounce water bottle. I wet Helix’s fur since he runs nonstop in the heat and fill up his water bowl multiple times during our dog park adventures. He also likes share his water with his dog park friends

2.     Towel. 

In the summers it rains often, puddles form and dogs love running through puddles. Puddles equals a muddy wet dog which equals a dirty car. I learned the hard way to always keep a towel in my car.

3.     Vets Best Mosquito Spray.

I never knew mosquito repellant for dogs existed until I saw a bunch of them surrounding Helix. I immediately researched online and found Vets Best Mosquito Spray. It’s a natural spray made mainly from lemongrass and for the most part keeps mosquitos off of my pup.

4.     Ball/Toy.

Helix loves playing fetch. Without his ball he would be so bored at the park. I bring along a Chuck-It, which is a ball thrower that allows you to throw the ball further and also keeps your hands from touching a slobber covered ball. Helix’s friends love chasing him while he chases the ball. It’s great exercise for everyone.                   

When packing up to go to the park I always think of mothers who prepare a diaper bag before an outing with their kids. A successful trip to the dog park means being prepared!

Xo, Candice Montros – Co-Founder of The Brunchin Pup

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